Tips for playing call of duty

January 25, 2022 Off By easter

Call of duty is one of the most outstanding shooter video game which can make the gamers to experience the battlefield in World War II. Even though this game came into the market in the year 2021, they can be achieved more awards within this short period. Because of their gameplay mechanics, more gamers are showing attention towards this video game. Especially the gamers who are in need of adventurous gaming experience let to keep COD in their top list. Some of the tips that can help the gamers to play this game

Turn off blur

One of the most important things that is to be noted by the beginners is they must turn off the blur either they are using it on the world or on the weapon. This is because they may not get better visibility for reaching their target.

Play COD


The gamers must remember that the map in this game will be small or medium sizes. Hence the gamers can choose different loadouts depending upon the ranges. Along with this, the gamers must also put forth better effort to learn the map in better. As there will be many different maps in the game, the gamers are supposed to have better knowledge about it. This will help them deal it in a better way.

Use the boosters

One of the best tactics which the gamers can handle to win this game easily is they can use the cod vanguard boosting. This will help them to overcome various challenges involved in this game. Thus, without getting into great stress even the beginners can make a better move in the game. However, using the best booster is more important to having the safest experience over this game. The gamers can read the review for choosing best booster for their game.